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 Bilalis Travel Agency, is to offer high quality travel services as well as the possibility of chossing destinations through a variety of continually renewed travel programs.
Using humancentric approach,we offer services with the best value for money.

Innovation in  Incoming tourism developing the Medical Travel and Tourism. We focus on treatments with competitive advantage for Greece.

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  • Adriatic & Aegean Kotor
    Adriatic & Aegean  Kotor MSC Musica From 509 € Apropriation Port: Piraeus, Greece Corfu Greece Kotor, Montenegro Venice, Italy…
  • Dubai Arab Emirates
    Dubai Arab Emirates MSC Bellissima From 159 € Apropriation Port: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, United Arab…
  • Maldives
    Maldives From 968 € The Maldives with the small islands of the Indian Ocean are the…
  • Morocco
    Morocco From 670 € Morocco, a country of colors, exotic and rich in cultural heritage, is…
  • Paris Louvre Disneyland
    Paris Louvre Disneyland From 530 € No matter how many times you travel to Paris, you will always…
  • London, Windsor
    London, Windsor From 530 € A modern big city, rich in historical monuments, you should not miss…

Medical tourism in Greece. More details at  Greece medical

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