Become a Plato’s student, with this small-group, highly interactive, alternative workshop for beginners, featuring dialogues and debates. Led by a facilitator with a background in Classical Studies, this experience will allow you to apply Plato's Philosophy in modern life, through exploration of his famous ''Allegory of the Cave''. 
- See the historic location which hosted the world’s 1st Academy.
- Visit the Plato's Academy Digital Museum (free entrance).
- Join a productive and joyful philosophical quest.
- Put yourself in the shoes of an ancient Greek philosopher.
- Develop your critical thought and self awareness through Socrates' maieutic (midwife) method.
Family Friendly! Suitable for adults and teenagers over 16 years old.
Duration 100-120min approximately.
Wheelchair accessible.
Language is plain English. There will be no difficult words or terminology.
  • Create unforgettable memories discovering how it felt to be an ancient Greek philosopher during the Athenian Golden Age, 2500 years ago!
  • Achieve personal awareness, discover your self-reflection and create interpersonal relationships by sharing thoughts and emotions with people of different age, origin and culture.
  • Revive the ancient maieutic art of Socrates, through Plato’s dialogues, seeking for parallels and contact points between the ancient philosophy and the modern world reality.

Meeting point:

Plato’s Academy Digital Museum, 1 Alkmeonos str.,10442 Athens.

Participation Fee:

2-5pax: 80eur/pax

6-10pax: 70eur/pax

Private group up to 5pax: 200 eur/group 

Private group up to 10pax: 400 eur/group

Things to know:
You will receive Reservation numberand Payment details by email.You can pay by Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer.
Reservation will be confirmed (again by email) after Payment is received.
Wear casual clothes and shoes, bring a hat and fresh water, since the location is outdoors, in a park.
Underaged participants must be supervised by at least one designated adult.
As this workshop takes place at a Historical site, involving Heritage and Cultural aspects, all participants are required to respect ethic, law and respectful conduct etiquette (soberness, cleanliness, photo/video shooting, dress-code, loudness etc.) and be respectful and polite during the entire session. Our facilitator has the right to terminate your participation without any refund in case your behavior is disrespectful in regards to the place or the people.

This workshop is highly interactive, therefore requires at least 2 people to participate. Moreover, this workshop is an outdoor experience therefore it requires good weather. In case it is canceled due to poor weather, or due to fewer than 2 participants, you will be notified at least 3 hours ahead, and will be offered the option to choose between a different date, a similar workshop, or a full refund.

Request participation :  
Please make your reservation at least 48h ahead
Cancellation Policy
100% refund, if cancellation is requested up to 5 days before the start of the Service.
All full or partial cancellations should be made only by the Charged Customer by email at  If your cancellation/alternation is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email. If no email arrives within 3 working days since your request, please re-contact us.

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