Combine your visit to off the beaten path archaeological sites of Athens with authentic, highly interactive, thematic Cultural Experiences! 
A once-in-a-lifetime experience for your mind, body and soul.

Philosophy Experiential Workshop at Plato’s Academy Park and Digital Museum


Democracy in classical Athens, Experiential Workshop at Pnyx


Self Enlighting Journey with Aristotle’s Guidance at his Lyceum


Row on an Ancient Greek Warship (trireme) and experience its glorious Naval History

Important notes for all activities:
Our activities are workshops, events or reenactments, NOT guided tours; Dates/Times & Group Size can change upon arrangement. Ancient Greek costumes are available upon request, however they are not allowed inside museums or archeological sites.
Tailor made
We are also able to perform most of activities in any inspired location (indoors or outdoors), or to design tailor made thematic experiences according to the place, number & age of participants, and preferred duration.

Bilalis Travel Agency

Bilalis Travel Agency is located in Athens  & Agios Konstantinos Lokris and it has been offering services for over 35 years.
Initially, it operated in the coastal passengers shipping sector in transporting passengers from Agios Konstantinos port to the islands of North Sporades (Skiathos, Glossa, Skopelos, Alonnisos).
With the passage of time, our agency moved on to offer transportation to all island destinations in Greece, providing thorough tourist services as well as organized tours and trips both within Greece & abroad.

Athens Greece

Agios Konstantinos

  •  04 Karaiskaki Str. Agios Konstantinos
  • +30 22350 89540 - 22350 31614
  • fax  2235031874

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