Welcome to Medcontinent Travel

Welcome to MTG the Greece based medical travel service agent facilitating the healthcare needs and travel desires of people from all over the world.
If you are one of the million people either without insurance or with insurance but you have restructed coverage, seeking for high quality medical services then you will be amazed at the value of travelling Greece to combine your health care needs and travel desires.

Medical Travel in Greece

As the land of Asclepios  and Hippocrates,  Greece can defined as an ideal  destination for medical tourism, not only for the unique climate but also for the high level of medical treatment.
In   Greece you are standing at crossroads of cultures, colors  and civilizations. You feel the grandeur of history and the warmth of being at the southernmost part of Europe.
Especially   Athens the enchanting capital of Greece is the city where democracy was born and the most important civilization of ancient world  flourished .
Athens have long been known for their advanced health care system and highly skilled doctors. There are many modern hospitals and clinics throughout the city where you will receive world class health care. You will find consultation and treatment, covering   every aspect of your needs, according to the latest scientific methods in a competitive cost.
After your medical treatment have been complete you can choose from a variety of tourism programs and services such as -1or 3or 4 days cruises to the Greek islands.
  • Trips to specific islands.
  • Visit museums or other archeological areas.
  • Go theater ,cinema or watch a performance in Athens Concert and Music Halls.
  • Enjoy shopping in the different shopping centers.
  • Hire a car or a yacht and make your own program.
  • And any other service you wish.
Bilalis Medical Tourism develops a continuous cooperation with the customers to achieve the maximum of their preference, needs and expectations, considering their budget. Our aim is the best value for money.
We arrange the  hole procedure : flight-land service-hotels-hospital-doctor.
Upon your arrival home our office will be available to assist you with any future requirements.
Our mission is to provide high –quality services to meet the need and wants of our clients.

The Pythagorean philosophy
and Hippocrates medicine
in action!

Follow our journey; take full control of your body, your health, and well-being. Eliminate everyday stress and its crucial effects on your body, mind, and spirit.


Through our insurance agency in cooperation  with the bigest Insurance Companies we can offer  integrate insurance coverage.
  • Compensation in case of unforseeing circumstances sach as trip cancellation, flight cancellation and delays, loss of luggage.
  • Travellers personal liability protection.
  • Compensation in case of loss of life due to accident.
  • Legal support. 

Bilalis Travel Agency

Bilalis Travel Agency is located in Athens  & Agios Konstantinos Lokris and it has been offering services for over 35 years.
Initially, it operated in the coastal passengers shipping sector in transporting passengers from Agios Konstantinos port to the islands of North Sporades (Skiathos, Glossa, Skopelos, Alonnisos).
With the passage of time, our agency moved on to offer transportation to all island destinations in Greece, providing thorough tourist services as well as organized tours and trips both within Greece & abroad.

Athens Greece

Agios Konstantinos

  •  04 Karaiskaki Str. Agios Konstantinos
  • +30 22350 89540 - 22350 31614
  • fax  2235031874
  •  info@bta.gr